Saturday, November 10, 2012

Pics from The Puyallup Doll Show

It was my first doll show (as an exhibitor) and what a wonderful time it was! The Puyallup Doll Show is the biggest in the Northwest (I believe) and it runs three times a year (October, March, and June), October being it's biggest show. There are other reborn exhibitors, reborn collectors, and of course, doll lovers of all types. Such fun to mingle in real space and time with other ladies and the odd gent who are passionate about dolls. Yeah. Now I had the good fortune of being offered by Jeanne (from Jeanne's Teenies) to share a table at the show as she only had ready a handful of dolls and didn't need a table all to herself. So much more fun to be in company! Plus, with two of you, either one can take a break, walk around, go to the restroom. Sharing a table with Jeanne really made the whole experience much more enjoyable.

There were lots of Doll Fan members there, and a few of us got together for a dolly gift exchange and meet-up. Jeanne and I of course had to stay mostly at our table, but we each took a turn hanging out at the dolly meet-up. It was great to put faces to names of people we mostly only interact with online. Some people I met for the second time too as I attended the Puyallup Doll Show last year in October as well but only as a visitor.

So I really did intend to take many more photos, but truth be told, when I'm in the moment, I rarely think about pulling out my camera, so I ended up with only a few pics, mostly of our table.

Here is our table with all of our babies squished together. Jeanne kindly gave me more space for my dolls since I had eight and she brought four. I thought our table looked very colorful, and between us there was a great variety of babies.

These are my bubs. 

These are Jeannie's bubs. 

Her beautiful Shao by Adrie Stoete.

Here is Susan (Doll Fan's Pudditat) holding Jeanne's adorable peeky-eyed Franklin Marx. This baby was absolutely amazing.

And here are Erin and Will who adopted my chubbers, Libby. They were so cute coming back over and over to hold her. 

That's all I got. I was supposed to get at least one pic of me and Jeanne, but we were really so busy and occupied. Oops. Next time. 



Two more cute pics of Addie

Still before hair but with her newborn blue glass eyes.

Sunday, November 4, 2012 babies.

I know that I just posted WIPs of Addison Molloy, but I've been busy, and I love this kit more with every stroke of the brush! These pics are actually after several additional layers of painting (from the last ones)...yet you can hardly tell (in the picture, that is)! Isn't that funny? It's the thin, thin layers that build up to produce the awesome realism that is a beautiful reborn baby. 

What is more, as I type, Addison is finishing her final bake in the oven!!! Then I get to start her hair. I'm very happy with her. So my next post will probably be after she's semi-rooted, if not finished. Reborning is my true love.

Pleasant dreams, 


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Speaking of Adelaide...

...from Adelaide came two custom order Addison Molloys, one of which I am currently working on now. She is going to have dark newborn blue eyes and rooted black hair (Angela Sprott). By the way, I got a high recommendation from a friend (rooting expert in my opinion) who said that Angela's hair is her favorite (with Slumberland in close second), very well-priced, and specifically, she recommended her black kid mohair in wavy. She said that it is straighter than most (when that's what you need), though of course not perfectly straight. I just got mine today and I will say it is gorgeous! I should take some pics perhaps to show you the lovely packaging presentation as well (cute & clever). Twenty dollars for .5 oz. shipped in the U.S. Here is the website in case you ever want to try Angela's mohair, and I will certainly show pics of my black mohair once I've begun rooting dear Addison.

Righto, here are some WIP piccies of my custom baby girl Addison. I have lots of painting left to do, but she is well underway.

Needless to say, you'll be seeing lots more of Addison in the coming weeks as it's one Addison after another. I love this little kit though so I don't mind a speck. :) 



Adelaide! (Addison kit by Julie Molloy)

So this is a post about my first little reborn Addison (kit by Julie Molloy). I named her Adelaide. I bought the kit from Jennifer Hovan (Morningside Nursery) for CHEAP on Doll Fan, and so she was actually made as a "budget baby". I can't recall how much detail I went into in my last budget baby post (kit was Juliette by Abigail Jones), but what I aim for in a budget baby is the highest quality possible at the lowest possible price. You see, if I were on a tight budget and looking for an inexpensive reborn (aka budget baby), I certainly wouldn't want a skimpy painting job, poor rooting, or something like that to be the reason for the low cost. I'd want a baby with a low material cost but not low-quality in any way, reborning or otherwise. So in order to make a budget baby, I have to have bought the kit and some of the other materials on a sale price. This will bring the total cost of materials appreciably down, and I can pass that along to the buyer. My Adelaide's total cost of materials was $101.25 (for everything!), and that included a cute hospital layette, bottle and magnetic paci, and beautiful Lauscha glass eyes. So I was able to sell Adelaide for $250 and still make something for my time reborning her. I hope this isn't too much information, but budget babies are something I've been interested in, and sometimes I wonder how artists actually make any profit on their low-cost dolls. I'm also sure that in many cases they don't. I share my process and approach because someone else might be interested. And actually, you wouldn't believe how many people asked me what I mean by "budget baby" at the Puyallup Doll Show. What I discovered was that many of them expected that the lower prices on my budget babies reflected less-detailed painting.  

Without further ado, this is (was) Adelaide. She found a wonderful mommy at the Puyallup Doll Show and now lives in Oregon and goes by the name Nell. Isn't that cute?! :)

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Saturnday!



Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sweet Baby Boy Samuel (Storm) Stoete

I can't believe how outdated this blog is. I vow to do my best to bring it up to speed with the times. I must tell you about the fun times I had at the Puyallup Doll Show, but first, there are more babies to introduce.

(Haha. My title cracks me up.)

Below I introduce to you Samuel. He was born from the LE (500, I believe) "Storm" kit by Adrie Stoete. I showed a WIP pics of him on here eons ago, and at long last (last month), he was made complete. This baby's features are all boy (at least to my eyes). Samuel was originally intended to be an AA baby, but after showing WIP pics on Doll Fan and getting even more feedback at the doll show, I became convinced that he probably better fits the description of "biracial" or "ethnic". I am pleased with how he came out, and I will definitely tackle darker skin tones again in the future. I also think it's important to bring some diversity to my dolls. Yet because painting white Caucasion babies is easier for me, this is something I need to apply some effort to.

And now, I must get ready for work (the real work- the day job). Have a lovely day.



Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Lovely Girl Willa

Drat, I'm so bad at keeping up with this blog, but it is still important to me to keep the chronicles going. I am just busy- perpetually. I am also a slight procrastinator with things that challenge me. Writing challenges me because it requires focused attention, time, and a fresh head- all of which I never seem to simultaneously have. Nah, maybe I do sometimes but I think I'm probably reborning instead.

Moving on from a very unenthusiastic introduction to more joyful things (i.e. reborning)- the most exciting of which I can think of is....Willa! She was reborn from the "Winnie" sculpt by Emily Jameson. Willa wasn't even just born but I have not introduced her to my blog yet. In fact, I made her for the Puyallup Doll Show earlier this month, at which she did not sell, but I am being truly honest when I say I'm glad she didn't because I simply wasn't ready to part with her yet. I'm pretty sure she is now my current best baby. Several people at the show said that she was my best one, too. The nomination of "best baby" is a little silly since it will just continually shift at intervals to new babies as my skills progress, and subsequently making the old babies feel bad in turn. What can I say? I'm a horrible person. Actually, just today a friend asked me (in an email) how I can bare to part with my babies and she said how hard that would be for her. I will have to write her back and let her know how this fact is changing from it having been so easy to possibly more difficult as now I'm exeriencing a true attachment to a baby that I reborned myself, and that is Willa. Here is my beautiful and grumpy little girl.

Before I forget, I made a small (and truncated) review of the Winnie kit. If you care to watch it, you can see it here on my Youtube channel:

Out of time but more updates will be coming soon.